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Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Skilled Technicians Refurbishing a Unit

In most air handling units, internal insulation lining is installed for insulation, or sound attenuation purposes. Over time, depending on the environment, this fiberglass insulation will deteriorate. The resulting fibers are distributed throughout the air conveyance system and add to the accumulation of particulate debris within the system. Eventually, these fibers are blown into an occupied space and are found as black specks on surfaces throughout a room. Fiberglass insulation can be an eye, nose and throat irritant, and may result in discomfort to the occupants of a room.

In air handling units, fiberglass insulation tends to constantly get wet due to condensation, high humidity levels, and proximity to the AC coil and drain pan. In many cases, microbiological growth is found within the insulation at the air handling unit chambers.

IMC is capable of refurbishing an air handling unit by stripping out all of the internal insulation lining within an air handling unit. Once stripped, IMC technicians clean the unit, treat any rusted surfaces with a Rust Inhibitor coating product, and then treat all surfaces with an Anti-Microbial coating product. IMC technicians will then replace the insulation with a closed cell insulation product (ie. Armaflex). This closed cell insulation product will last longer, and will help to inhibit future mold growth and particulate deterioration.