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HVAC Inspection services

Specialized Inspection Equipment

The best way to determine the need for cleaning air conveyance systems is to perform a visual inspection of the system components. In many facilities it is difficult to access the air conveyance system to perform this visual inspection. IMC has the capability and equipment to provide a comprehensive Inspection and Documentation service that will greatly augment your preventive maintenance programs.

IMC’s HVAC Inspection Services are a cost effective method of determining the need for cleaning, and for identifying any excessive wear on mechanical equipment. IMC uses VHS video and digital photography from sophisticated robotic equipment to inspect the areas that are difficult to access.

After the inspection, a confidential Inspection Report on the cleanliness condition of the systems is generated.

Technician Conducting an Inspection

This Inspection Report is an important step in your IAQ preventive maintenance program. The report can show facility occupants that the air conveyance systems are being monitored and are free of visible contaminants. The report will also show government health and safety auditors that you are maintaining proper maintenance. Most importantly, in the event of IAQ litigation, documentation will show authorities that the ongoing monitoring is part of your IAQ preventive maintenance strategy.

IMC’s HVAC Inspection and Documentation services will help you verify the cleanliness condition of your ventilation systems.