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As we reflect back on some of the challenges we faced in the past few years, we realize that you simply can’t hide from the business cycles that inevitably occur in our industry.  While there will always be down times and difficulties, there will also be many small victories to relish.  IMC saw increased sales over the previous year, kept its costs down, hired additional staff, and managed to keep our injury rate to an all time low!

We also introduced Aeroseal duct sealing and successfully completed our first two commercial Aeroseal projects at Sentara Obici Hospital located in Chesapeake, Virginia and L’Enfant Plaza office complex in Washington DC.

IMC also increased our customer base for our Combustible Dust cleaning service, with projects in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Massachusetts.  We foresee a lot of promise in these two services while we are also experiencing an increase in our Kitchen Exhaust Hood cleaning services.

We were able to expand our team in 2014, welcoming two new Sales Account Representatives, Richard Lantz and Joseph Maresca.  Both bring considerable customer service and industry experience to our company.  Josh Hardy, another experienced Project Manager assigned to our Janitorial Maintenance division also joined our team.  While we are extremely fortunate to find new management staff, it is hard to believe that we could function without many of our Project Managers and office staff that has been with IMC for many years.  People like Ric Ponti (17 years), Dino Konstandinou (14 years), Rick Sobel (13 years), Mark Mammarelli (12 years), Harley Moore (10 years), Lynn Anderson (4 years), Mike Tyrell (2 years), and Rodney Gouge (2 years) make up the back bone of IMC.

As a family owned and operated business, my brother Chuck and I are extremely excited for IMC’s continued growth in 2015!  We look forward to serving our long term customers and finding new clients to assist.  We are very excited about our new Certificates of Completion that provide instant electronic reports with photo documentation.  We are also eager to educate our customers on the many benefits of our Aeroseal duct sealing services.  As always, we welcome your questions and look forward to solving your problems!  Contact us here.