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Summer break is the ideal time for schools to conduct work on buildings and classrooms.  At Interior Maintenance we want to encourage schools and universities to consider cleaning their air conveyance systems.

Older buildings, and even those that are only ten years old, may begin to experience deterioration of internal insulation lining. Deterioration can be caused by a variety of issues, including temperature changes, humidity and condensation, and just plain wear and tear. This can lead to a black, sooty material settling on desks, tables, and classroom and office furniture. Occupants often assume that this is just dust but it is actually insulation fibers that are being blown out every time the system is turned on. These fibers may become an eye, nose, and throat irritant and nuisance.

Many Facility Engineers aren’t always aware that this internal insulation lining can be cleaned and repaired. This is where IMC comes in. We have the ability to clean the lining and then treat it with special paint products that are designed to provide a new facing for the insulation and stop the deterioration and therefore stop the black, sooty debris from irritating occupants.

Customers such as Temple University, the Community Colleges of Baltimore County, University of Pennsylvania, LaSalle University, and others have already benefited from our commercial duct cleaning and we encourage you to visit our website to learn more.  We can also be followed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.