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Cleaning Specifications for Janitorial Service


  1. All waste receptacles will be emptied and trash will be removed to a designated area. (liners replaced as needed).
  2. All uncluttered office furniture and bookshelves will be dusted using treated cloths. (papers and desks will not be disturbed).
  3. All exposed horizontal surfaces within reach will be dusted including picture frames, file cabinets, window sills and desks.
  4. All surfaces within reach will be spot cleaned for fingerprints and spills.
  5. All traffic carpeted areas will be vacuumed clean daily. Complete vacuuming one time per week of all carpeted areas.
  6. All interior glass doors and glass partitions will be spot cleaned.
  7. All entrance areas will be given special attention. All entrance door glass will be washed clean inside and outside.
  8. All tile flooring will be cleaned and spot wet mopped.
  9. All water fountains will be wiped clean with a germicidal solution and polished.
  10. Kitchen area: tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, appliances, and floors will be cleaned and disinfected.
  11. All elevators will be cleaned.
  12. All stairs will be swept clean or vacuumed.


  1. All supplies relating to the dispensing of mechanically operated laboratory fixtures will be replenished. This includes soap dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue and sanitary supplies. These supplied to be furnished by Client, unless otherwise noted or arranged.
  2. All horizontal surfaces will be dusted.
  3. All toilets and urinals will be completely cleaned and disinfected.
  4. All basins and countertops will be completely cleaned and disinfected.
  5. All bright work will be cleaned and polished.
  6. All mirrors and shelves will be cleaned.
  7. All trash will be emptied.
  8. Floors will be swept and wet mopped with germicidal disinfectant solution.
  9. All entrance doors to lavatories will be washed clean of all finger marks and smudges.