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On Site Steam Cleaning of Industrial and Commercial Equipment and Surfaces

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Technician Sanitizing Staph, MRSA
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IMC steam cleans and disinfects industrial and commercial equipment and surfaces, including manufacturing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, restaurants, colleges, schools and Universities.

IMC’s program for dry vapor steam cleaning and disinfecting¬†offers an innovative and cost saving solution to be in compliance with J.C.A.H.O., Environment of Care, Infection Control, and F.D.A. Health Safety inspections.

A unique and safe process that will remove grease, dirt, adhesives, bio-film and most importantly, bacteria and viruses such as e.coli, salmonella, norovirus, botulism, Hepatitis, and community acquired MRSA and C. diff:

  • Step One consists of a complete chemical wipe to begin soil breakdown on the surface.
  • Step Two consists of super heated dry steam vapor sanitizing to remove persistent bio-film and bacteria.
  • Step Three consists of super heated dry steam vapor application for complete disinfecting.
  • Step Four consists of a final dry wipe.

Examples of Equipment: include, but are not limited to: Clinical Care Recliners (Oncology), Pediatric Cribs (Pediatrics), Soiled Linen Carts (Burn Center), Stretchers (Emergency Room), IV Poles, Patient Serving Tables, Trash Receptacles, Blood Pressure Monitors, Infectious Waste Containers (Patient Room), Pyxis Machines, Elevator Tracks, Morgue, Auto Claves, Sports Equipment, Exercise/Gym Equipment, and Restaurant Equipment.


Dry Steam Cleaning
Dry Steam Cleaning Conveyor Belt
Dry Steam Cleaning Conveyor Belt
Dry Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing Forklift
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conveyor belt in action
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  • Significantly enhance patient and care giver environment.
  • Improve the appearance, longevity, and efficiency of your rolling inventory.
  • Save on staff hours.
  • Simplify record-keeping for the regulatory agencies.
  • Minimal disruption- equipment can be cleaned and sanitized on same floor.