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Many modern commercial buildings rely heavily on highly effective and efficient ventilation systems. From odor control to indoor air quality, these duct-based systems can do everything from improving quality-of-life, to actually saving lives. If not properly maintained, ducts can leak causing energy and air loss. When clients come to IMC with these costly and damaging problems, we suggest using the Aeroseal duct sealing process, which helps find and seal leaks from the inside.

Recently, two of our customers located at L’Enfant Plaza in Washington, D.C., and Sentara Obici Hospital in Suffolk, VA approached IMC to help solve their critical airflow problems.

L’Enfant Plaza

When undertaking this project, the first thing that became apparent was the sheer size of L’Enfant Plaza. The Plaza includes four commercial buildings that cover 1.2 million square feet. During a renovation project of a portion of the building, it was found that air was not flowing properly through the vertical shafts to a section of the building.  The section’s supply and return system is actually part of the building structure with eleven vertical CMU (brick & concrete) shafts that feed eight floors each having horizontal takeoffs that supply or return air respectively on each floor.  Because the ductwork is part of the actual structure, the Aeroseal duct sealing process was the perfect choice. After extensive pressure testing and sealing, IMC was able to reduce leakage in each of the eleven shafts up to an impressive 92%.

Sentara Obici Hospital

While proper airflow is a benefit in an office complex, it is an absolute must in any medical facility. Proper ventilation helps remove bacteria and contaminates from indoor air, which in turn protects patients with compromised immune systems. At Sentara Obici Hospital, the highly sensitive Infectious Disease Isolation Unit exhaust system was not exhausting the required CFM to keep the Isolation Rooms in a negative pressure. The exhaust system handled five isolation rooms on three floors with vertical shafts that were inaccessible for visual inspection.

Using the Aeroseal system, IMC’s experts were able to pressure test each floor separately to determine the level of leakage per floor. Once we established the individual leakage problems, our team sealed the exhaust shaft system and reduced the leakage by 98%.

Thanks to IMC’s experience and our use of the Aeroseal Duct Sealing process, we were able to diagnose and solve both of these major leakage problems quickly, cost-effectively and without disturbing the integrity of the buildings themselves.

To learn more about how IMC can help improve the efficiency of your ventilation systems, all while saving you up to 40% in energy costs, please contact us today.