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Ok smarty pants.  Think you know everything there is to know about the prevention and control of IAQ (indoor air quality)?  Take this short true or false quiz to test just how on top of your game you really are.  Here’s a secret…we really hope you ace it…but just in case you don’t we’re here to help.

Answer true or false to the questions below.

  1. An employer should use a systematic approach when addressing air quality in the work place.
  2. The components of a systematic approach for addressing IAQ are not the same as those for an overall safety and health program approach.
  3. Employee involvement should not be an important part of an employers overall strategy for addressing IAQ.
  4. It’s important that owners/managers select an IAQ Coordinator.
  5. You should put off repairs, upgrades, and follow up assesments until your budget permits.
  6. OSHA recommends that employers negotiate leases that specify IAQ performance criteria.
  7. An IAQ Team should be limited to building occupants, administrative staff, facility operators, custodians, building healthcare staff, and contract service providers.
  8. Employers who lease space do not need to be familiar with the building management’s program and methods for mitigating or resolving IAQ problems because the it’s the responsibility of the building owner.
  9. As an employer it’s not your responsibility to promptly address any concerns that employees express about IAQ.
  10. The team approach to IAQ problem solving has been shown not to work.

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