From Cleaning Up on the Tennis Court, to Cleaning Up the Office – One Project Manager’s Path of Success

Here at Interior Maintenance Company, Inc., we have a wide array of professionals coming from very different backgrounds. Ric Ponti, a Project Manager at IMC, is a perfect example. Long before entering the janitorial industry, Ric was a tennis professional who had been teaching for about 20 … [Read more...]

Interior Maintenance Company Featured in IKECA’s January Newsletter

Vice President of IMC Matt Mongiello was recently interviewed and featured in the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association’s (IKECA) newsletter. The Q & A style feature covered the history of IMC, company goals and milestones, and some surprising industry facts. Matt described IMC’s … [Read more...]

New Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Standard Included in Forthcoming International Fire Code

Kitchen exhaust systems serve an important role in keeping people safe from excess smoke, steam, and particulates in the air. But if they are not properly maintained, they can become a fire hazard when grease and other flammable materials build up over the hot stove. There have been numerous … [Read more...]

Interior Maintenance Company Joins Aeroseal Team of Contractors

Interior Maintenance Company (IMC) is proud to announce its association with Aeroseal technology to allow us to more easily identify and seal air duct leaks.  Recognizing our customers’ concerns with energy loss, odor control, and indoor air quality, IMC has incorporated this process to assist in … [Read more...]

Where in the World is Harley Moore?

While most people prefer to kick back and relax on their weekends, Project Supervisor Harley Moore likes to expand his skill-set and put his knowledge to the test. This past weekend, he was able to do both on behalf of Interior Maintenance Company (IMC). Harley represented IMC at the NADCA Fall … [Read more...]

Why It’s Important to Keep HVAC Units Mold Free

Mold can cause a lot of problems, especially in regards to ventilation (HVAC) duct systems. Making a continual effort to keep HVAC systems clean of mold and other contaminants like particulate accumulation and insulation deterioration is crucial. A system that isn’t taken care of properly can cause … [Read more...]

IMC Gears Up For Summer Work

Summer is a big season for us at IMC. When colleges and schools shut down for summer vacation, and other commercial facilities take a holiday break, we are our most active. The majority of jobs throughout the summer are timely, so they have to be completed by early September, or sometimes even in … [Read more...]

NADCA Releases New ACR Standard

As building maintenance professionals, we understand the importance of keeping up with and meeting the continuously changing standards within the industry. It’s necessary that the industry releases updated regulations to help maintain the quality and safety of the industry and workers. Recently, the … [Read more...]

Making HVAC Cleaning and Maintenance an International Affair

With the Gulf of Naples and a snowy Vesuvius volcano as the backdrop, our very own Matt Mongiello recently presented at the ANAM Convention (AIISA-NADCA Annual Meeting). As president of NADCA- the HVAC Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Association, Matt was there on behalf of the organization to … [Read more...]

Cheers to IMC’s 40 Years!

Happy birthday to…Interior Maintenance Company! As this year marks our 40th year in business, it is time for us to reflect on how the company has evolved over the years, in addition to how we can continue to grow for another forty years. Let’s take a look back at 1973, when Interior Maintenance … [Read more...]