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Every year, according to the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), there are nearly 11,000 commercial kitchens damaged by fire.  What do you think is a restaurants number one defense against fire hazards? If you guessed regular maintenance of your kitchen hood exhaust system, then you guessed right. But one thing restaurant owners and managers oftenkitchen exhaust cleaning overlook is the importance of hiring a certified exhaust cleaning specialist to perform this critical work.

In this article I’ll explain to you why not all kitchen exhaust cleaning services are equal, and show you why it’s important that you hire an IKECA certified company.

Two Reasons Why All Exhaust Cleaning Services Are Not Equal

The first reason that all exhaust hood cleaning services are not equal is that many service providers only clean the hood, and disregard the associated ductwork and fan. The focus of these contractors is just keeping up appearances.  They keep the inside kitchen area looking clean, but in reality have done very little to reduce the fire hazards lurking just behind the hood.  The only way to significantly decrease your risk of fire is to insure you get a complete cleaning of your entire kitchen exhaust hood system.

The second reason that all exhaust hood cleaning services aren’t equal is that most companies don’t clean to a specific standard, preferring to do the minimum amount of work required so they can move on to their next job.

Why Hire IKECA Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists

Nearly half of all restaurant fires originate in the kitchen so it’s critical that you hire a certified professional that cleans to the highest standards.  The easiest way to ensure this quality of care is to hire professionals certified through the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, or IKECA.

Since 1989, IKECA has been the industry leader in providing certification, and setting the highest standards for kitchen exhaust cleaners throughout the world.

When you hire a certified IKECA hood cleaning professional or contractor, you’re hiring a company with qualified and certified staff that follow industry standards and guidelines to ensure a job performed to NFPA 96 and ICC Standards.

IMC has been an IKECA member since 2006 and like all IKECA members we must meet insurance requirements, adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, and maintain staff certified to IKECA standards. We recognize the importance of cleaning the entire exhaust system including the hood, fan and associated duct.

Don’t just hire any company to clean your kitchen hood exhaust. The lives of your employees, customers, and local firemen and police depend on you getting this right.