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Our Procedure

IMC technicians use the latest equipment and technology to perform the most effective cleaning of your air duct system and components per the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) latest standards. A HEPA filtered vacuum is used in conjunction with compressed air, brushes, and other specially designed “agitation” tools. We bring our HEPA filtered vacuum collection system into your home and place it next to your HVAC (furnace) unit. We then attach our vacuum to the supply air side of your duct system. All supply registers throughout the home are then sealed with plastic to maximize vacuum pressure. The technicians will then proceed to each register, one at a time, remove that register and use compressed air tools to agitate the dirt and dust, pushing the particulate debris to the main trunk ductwork (typically found in the basement). Please note that registers/diffusers/grills that are caulked or sealed will not be removed during the cleaning process, unless authorized by the homeowner.

The technicians will then, if necessary, cut a series of access holes to use the specially designed brushes, air whips, and other agitation tools to dislodge the dirt and debris and move it into our vacuum. The technicians will then clean your return ductwork separately, using the same procedures. Any access holes are completely sealed with gasketed sheet metal patch plates and zip screws. These patch plates can be utilized in the future inspections or cleanings.

All air handling unit (AHU) chambers and components will be contact cleaned per NADCA standard with a HEPA-filtered shop vacuum. IMC will clean the air handling unit coils utilizing chemical, rinse wash, and/or Vacuum cleaning methods depending on the condition of the coil. Inaccessible areas of the coil and AHU will be reported to the homeowner, if necessary.

Please Note:

Sanitizers and other chemicals are not used on the surfaces of the ductwork during our cleaning process unless there is a specific microbiological contamination problem. It is our recommendation that air conveyance systems are cleaned using the source removal methodology that physically removes the particulate debris that may contaminate a ventilation system.