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Mark Mammarelli

Project Manager, Commercial Cleaning Division

Mark Mammarelli - project manager, commercial cleaning division

Since July 2002, Mark Mammarelli has diligently managed the daily operations of our Commercial Cleaning Division, and focuses on our customers’ needs in the Maryland and DC areas. He trains and manages more than 35 front-line technicians and supervisors providing air duct cleaning, mold removal, high-surface cleaning, and industrial cleaning projects. According to Mark, “No matter how small, each project requires a lot of preparation before we even arrive on site.”

Mark spent years at Conrail and SEPTA in Passenger Rail Maintenance working as an electrician and an HVAC specialist. Eventually taking on a supervisory position, he honed his management skills before discovering an opportunity here at IMC. With his extensive background in general contracting, HVAC, and building maintenance management, joining us was a natural career move.

Input Crucial to Success
Mark acknowledges, “I am able to make a difference here,” and he knows his input is crucial to the success of the jobs, the motivation of the employees, and our growth. Therefore, “listening to employees is key to good management,” comments Mark.

Whether out in the field training, or meeting customers to prepare for the next project, Mark enjoys the wide variety of locations that IMC typically visits. Mark notes that “one of the neatest things about working here is visiting some of the most unique and unusual locations in the area. I’ve worked at candy factories, hospitals, prisons, aquariums, state supreme court buildings and everywhere in between.”

Along with his management skills, Mark is certified as a NADCA Air System Cleaning Specialist, a NADCA Ventilation System Mold Remediator and an EPA HVAC Universal Technician.

Ask about his children, or rather his two adult daughters, and he beams. One is a supervisor at a local telemarketing company while his other daughter has served in the Navy since 1997 and lives in Chesapeake, VA, with her three young children. When it is time for fun in the sun, all enjoy visiting his mom at her cozy beach house in Bowers Beach, Delaware.