Commercial kitchens require specific cleaning protocols and robust equipment. Having your commercial kitchen hood and exhaust system professionally cleaned is an essential step in preventing grease fires, regulatory safety violations, and food contamination.

A professional cleaning company has the appropriate expertise to ensure your kitchen exceeds safety and hygiene standards. At IMC, we specialize in removing buildup, grease, and debris throughout your commercial kitchen hood exhaust system. Learn more about the importance of commercial hood cleaning and the types of facilities we serve throughout Philadelphia.

The Importance of Sourcing a Professional for Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Grease and oils can build up in and around commercial kitchen hoods, increasing the risk of a grease fire. Even excess dust and flour can contribute to poor air quality and dangerous working conditions. While it may be tempting to turn to less expensive contractors, these cheaper companies also deliver inferior results. They can miss key parts of the commercial hood exhaust system, which can lead to a fire and ultimately cost your business more in the form of lost revenue and possible lawsuits.

Commercial Hood Cleaning Services in Philadelphia

At IMC, we offer comprehensive kitchen hood cleaning programs so your staff and patrons can enjoy the benefits of enhanced kitchen hygiene and safety. Our detailed services include cleaning of the entire commercial hood system which includes the fan, filters, and associated horizontal and vertical duct.

Since 2006, we have been a proud member of the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA), which educates its members on the most advanced and effective cleaning techniques for commercial kitchens.

Types of Commercial Facilities We Service in Philadelphia, PA

Our services can be customized to meet the needs of your unique commercial kitchen, whether you close down services each night or stay open 24/7. We serve kitchens in the following facilities:

  • Restaurants: Restaurant managers should rely on professional cleaning services for hoods and all other equipment that comes into contact with food.
  • Hotels: Restaurants in hotels and resorts are a reflection of the quality and cleanliness of the entire facility. Therefore, kitchen hoods and other equipment should be cleaned professionally and regularly.
  • Hospitals: Compared to hotels and restaurants, hospitals must follow even stricter standards for sanitation. Kitchens in these settings must be kept extra clean at all times.
  • Nursing homes: Similar to hospital kitchens, nursing home kitchens must follow higher sanitary standards. Plus, nursing homes house elderly residents who may be sensitive to the detergents, harsh chemicals, and fumes that result from ordinary cleaning. In nursing homes, IMC uses cleaning techniques that take these factors into consideration.

Professional Commercial Hood Cleaning by IMC

Letting grease and contaminants build up in your commercial kitchen hood is dangerous and expensive. IMC provides professional services to help your kitchen comply with safety standards and provide a cleaner, safer workplace.  IMC provides you with the proper documentation required including hood stickers, and a Certificate of Completion with before and after photos of every job performed.  Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services for local businesses in Philadelphia, or request a quote for custom pricing details.