Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Does your kitchen staff need help keeping up with the cleaning of your kitchen surfaces and equipment? When your cooking staff clocks out, that’s when IMC’s kitchen cleaning team clocks in.

We can detail clean your ovens, grills, fryers, stainless steel equipment, walls and ceilings, and machine scrub your floors.

For over 20 years, IMC has serviced the Mid-Atlantic 

Region (PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, DC). Our customers include hospitals and assisted living facilities, schools and colleges, government facilities, and fine dining restaurants that recognize the importance of keeping their kitchens properly cleaned!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

You provide the best food and service for your customers, so why not take advantage of the best cleaning services around. IMC can schedule monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual cleaning services to assist your staff. A clean kitchen means happy employees and satisfied customers.

IMC’s Kitchen Cleaning Services include stewarding services, detail kitchen equipment cleaning, and floor to ceiling detail cleaning. IMC has been family owned since 1973, offering big company solutions with small company service.

IMC also provides Hood Cleaning Services.  Please select the link to learn more!

Benefits of Kitchen Cleaning

commercial kitchen cleaning services

Kitchen equipment cleaning is essential for the health and safety of your staff and patrons and ensures your restaurant complies with all food and safety regulations. According to data from the USFA’s National Fire Incident Reporting System and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) annual fire department experience survey, 22% of commercial kitchen fires listed “failure to clean” as a factor of fires in restaurants. By regularly cleaning kitchen equipment, hoods, and ductwork, you help prevent fires and increase the safety of your employees and patrons in your establishment. 

Deep cleaning your kitchen improves working conditions and provides employees with a cleaner and healthier working environment as well as improved hygiene throughout your commercial kitchen. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness also prevents the risk of a pest infestation in your facility. 

Various Facilities That Benefit From Kitchen Cleaning

Maintaining sanitary conditions in all food preparation facilities is essential for both customers and your staff. Besides restaurants, there are a variety of facilities that benefit from kitchen cleaning services, including: 

  • Colleges and Universities: Many campuses have on-site dining facilities, and keeping them sanitary is essential for the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and kitchen employees. 
  • Schools: Clean and sanitized school lunchrooms ensure an ideal work environment that is safe for food preparation and improves hygiene for students to enjoy a fresh and germ-free meal. 
  • Hospitals: Cleanliness is a top priority for hospitals. Well-sanitized hospital kitchens and dining areas ensure there is a low risk for patients or staff to contract a foodborne illness. 
  • Corporate Headquarters: Any facility that handles food preparation can benefit from a commercial kitchen cleaning service. 
  • Retail Restaurants: With any restaurant, keeping a clean commercial kitchen provides a safer and healthier environment for staff and customers. 
  • Grocery Store Chains: Many grocery stores feature a deli or on-site butcher where cleanliness is essential to prevent cross-contamination of foods. 

Trust Interior Maintenance Company for Your Kitchen Cleaning Services

Interior Maintenance Company will handle all your cleaning needs from kitchen equipment detailing to floor to ceiling detail cleaning. We can schedule monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual cleaning services to assist your staff and keep your kitchen sanitized to the highest standards. Contact us to learn more about our kitchen cleaning services or request a quote today. 


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IMC has maintained its growth and success for over fifty years because of the dedication to our clients. With years of knowledge and experience in the commercial cleaning industry, IMC is able to provide a fast, efficient, and cost effective response to any building environment’s need.

Over 50+ Years of Experience

Over 50+ Years of Experience

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