In manufacturing and production facilities, combustible dust is a significant problem. In addition to causing irreparable damage to sensitive machinery, it serves as a fire and explosion hazard. For these reasons, it is important to invest in regular facility cleaning to prevent accumulation. However, while dust on and near the ground is easy to maintain, dust and debris on and near the ceiling is much harder to remove. For these areas, facility managers must turn to high surface cleaning processes. 

Dangers of Combustible Dust

High Surface CleaningThe term “combustible dust” refers to fine particles or pieces of solid material that pose an ignition or explosion hazard when suspended in the air. It is commonly produced as a byproduct of manufacturing and production processes, with the individual particles varying in size, shape, and composition depending on the exact process specifications.

Ignition relies on three elements: oxygen, heat, and fuel. Dispersing the fuel may cause rapid combustion (i.e., deflagration), while confining the ignition process may cause an explosion. By removing the fuel source—in this case, the combustible dust—cleaning operations prevent fires and explosion from occurring in the facility.

The greater the amount of combustible dust in a facility, the greater the risk of fire or explosion. It is in the best interest of manufacturing and production facilities to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to minimize the accumulation of dust. Unfortunately, combustible dust often accumulates in difficult to reach areas which makes it difficult for facility staff to keep the material in check. Fortunately, Interior Maintenance Company(IMC) has the expertise and equipment to reach and clean these areas.

Benefits of High Surface Cleaning

Many facilities have more than adequate cleaning processes for surfaces at the general ground level. However, it’s harder to see—and clean—the accumulation of dust on surfaces like the top of machinery, piping and conduit, ductwork, and exposed ceiling rafters. High surface cleaning operations target these areas, ensuring they are free from accumulated dust and debris.

In addition to reducing the risk of fire and explosion by minimizing combustible dust accumulation, high surface cleaning also provides a cleaner and brighter work environment.

Combustible Dust and High Surface Cleaning Services at IMC

Combustible Dust and High Surface Cleaning Services at IMC

Combustible dust poses a significant risk to a wide range of facilities. By investing in a regular cleaning program, facility managers can minimize the hazards associated with dust accumulations. If you need combustible dust and/or high surface cleaning services, turn to the experts at IMC. 

IMC has extensive experience in providing combustible dust and high surface cleaning for manufacturing and production facilities throughout the United States.  For most cleaning requests, there is a 10,000 square foot minimum requirement.  

Combustible dust cleaning operations typically involve the use of HEPA-filtered, explosion-proof vacuums and non-spark tools to safely remove loose particulate debris and dust from high ceiling surfaces.  Utilizing high reach mechanized equipment, ladders, and scaffolding, IMC technicians are trained to perform the work in compliance with OSHA standards, including proper Fall Protection equipment and requirements.

At Interior Maintenance Company (IMC), we provide combustible dust cleaning and high surface cleaning for numerous manufacturing facilities including plastic, metal and wood, computer, printing, food preparation, and other facilities where sensitive materials and equipment must be protected, isolated, and kept clean. This extensive experience has provided us with the knowledge and skills we need to handle nearly any customer’s needs.

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