Combustible Dust And High Surface Cleaning

A major concern of many Manufacturing and Production facilities because particulate debris and dust may cause irreparable damage and costly repairs to sensitive machinery and equipment. In some industries, combustible dust accumulation may present a serious fire and explosion hazard.

Cleaning is typically performed by using Explosion Proof HEPA-filtered vacuums with attached brushes to provide surface cleaning of loose particulate debris. Wet wiping, or wiping with a chemically treated cloth, are also methods utilized to control the dust and debris from cross contaminating into other areas.

IMC has completed numerous projects at Printing facilities, Computer manufacturing, Food Preparation, Plastic manufacturing, and other industries where sensitive materials and equipment must be protected, isolated, and kept clean. IMC technicians take the proper time and care required to cover and protect sensitive machinery and isolate work areas with poly plastic coverings.

Utilizing high reach and high lift mechanized equipment, along with ladders and scaffolding, IMC technicians are able to safely access the Work areas. Safety is IMC’s main concern, and all IMC technicians are trained to perform the work in compliance with OSHA Standards requiring the proper Fall Protection and the use of safety harness’ and lanyards.

In many instances, IMC has included Painting of these high surface areas after the cleaning is completed. Please review your needs with your IMC representative.

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