When tackling a demanding cleaning project at a manufacturing and production facility, you need a company with a lot of experience. That’s why Interior Maintenance Company is the perfect choice for your cleaning needs. Our team has been serving manufacturing facilities in multiple industries for years, and we’ve got the tools and techniques to get even the most challenging jobs done right. As a result, you can keep your business humming along.

Industrial and manufacturing facilities depend on professional and quality driven companies to ensure a safe and clean environment. Combustible dust cleaning removes explosive airborne and surface dust particles from operational and high surface areas in order to minimize the risk of explosion. Our team of experts provides this service with manufacturing facilities of all industries, including metals, food, chemicals, and more.


Industrial Cleaning Services For Your Company

Our industrial cleaning services help ensure there isn’t a disruption to your business, no matter how big the job. Whether it’s a large manufacturing facility or just a small warehouse, our team knows how to get results that meet your requirements. Our commercial-grade equipment and technologies have specific designs for industrial settings, so you never have to worry about losing time or money due to a cleaning project.

A  facility not adequately maintained can pose several threats to your business. We’re ready and able to help you with any industrial cleaning needs. Our team has years of experience in the industry and will work hard to deliver exceptional results.


We’re Manufacturing Cleaning Experts

Our company understands the many components of adequately cleaning an industrial facility. Whether the office or the manufacturing floor, we have the right tools, experience, and knowledge to take it on.

Industrial properties often accumulate large amounts of dust and dirt throughout their HVAC air conveyance systems. Over time, this can lead to contamination of product, odors, loss of airflow, and possibly indoor air quality issues. Air duct cleaning is essential for increasing air flow, HVAC cost efficiency, and ensuring that the air quality in your industrial property remains optimal. Removing the build-up of dust and dirt also helps prevent mold and mildew growth, which can cause serious health problems.

Commercial pressure washing provides an effective, time-efficient solution to maintain high standards of cleanliness. Pressurized water removes dirt, debris, and contaminants which can accumulate over time and potentially impair working conditions if left untreated. For this reason, we recommend utilizing our services to maintain efficient operations. 


Our Reputation In The Commercial Cleaning Industry

IMC understands the unique challenges that facility managers face. Since 1973, we have helped clients in the hospitality, health care, government and production and manufacturing facilities. As a result, we have gained an exceptional reputation in the industry for our diligent work ethic and superior results. Look no further if you’re looking for reliable and affordable manufacturing cleaning services. Contact us today to get started!