Trash chutes and trash holding areas are among the dirtiest areas of a facility, which is why effective trash chute cleaning is an essential part of facility management. If trash chutes are not regularly and thoroughly cleaned, they will not only allow unpleasant odors to permeate the building but also invite pest infestation. Learn more about the benefits, optimal frequency, and methods to clean your facility’s trash chute.

The Benefits of Trash Chute Cleaning

Here are some of the key benefits of trash chute cleaning:

  • Improved air quality and odor control: Because trash chutes have an updraft, unhealthy odors can travel up the chute and spread throughout the building every time the chute opens. Eventually, these pathogens can spread to communal and private areas, increasing the risk of airborne infections. When trash chutes are properly cleaned, facility occupants can enjoy healthier air quality.
  • Prevention of rodent infestation: When people dispose of trash through the chute, they may not use bags or, if they do, the bag can rip or leak on the way down. This can result in wet food sticking to the walls of the chute and open refuse in garbage holding areas. Because trash chutes and holding areas are dark and contain food, they are highly likely to attract disease-carrying rodents and roaches, especially in the fall—the season most pests naturally look for a place to shelter during winter. Cleaning chutes regularly helps facilities avoid expensive pest control services.
  • Improved health and safety: During the colder months, windows tend to be kept closed, which compromises ventilation and air circulation. This causes airborne pathogens to spread more quickly throughout the building. A dirty chute may also present a fire hazard, especially if it contains grease or other flammable liquid. A spark from an unextinguished cigarette or electrical component can start a fire, endangering everyone in the building. However, properly cleaned trash chutes reduce this risk, mitigate the spread of harmful odors, and make a facility far less inhabitable to disease-bearing vermin.

Trash Chute Cleaning Process and Equipment

To clean the trash chute in your facility, schedule cleanings with a professional cleaning company—like Interior Maintenance Company (IMC)—that specializes in this type of service. Before cleaning, trash chute openings on each floor are sealed to avoid leakage. Technicians then follow these three steps:

  1. Presoaking: During the presoak stage, we use a degreaser to loosen all debris that has stuck to the inner walls of the chute.
  2. Power washing: Next, we power wash the chute with a solution of industrial-strength disinfectants that is strong enough to eliminate pathogens but leaves no harsh chemical odors or residue behind.
  3. Deodorizing: After power washing, we apply a deodorizing treatment to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and odors. Vermin will no longer be attracted to the chute and air quality will improve.

How Often Should Trash Chutes Be Cleaned?

Optimal cleaning frequency varies depending on the type of trash disposed and how often it is used, but generally, chutes should be cleaned twice a year. Food waste or wet garbage tends to require more frequent cleanings than non-food or dry trash.

Trash chute cleaning is considered preventative maintenance. In high-rise buildings, trash chutes can be particularly difficult to clean, so make sure to partner with an experienced cleaning company that can handle these challenges.

Schedule Your Trash Chute Cleanings with IMC

Thorough trash chute cleaning is a project best handled by a team of well-equipped, professional cleaners like Interior Maintenance Company, Inc. (IMC). With over 50 years of experience in the mid-Atlantic, our in-house team has provided professional cleaning services to organizations ranging from schools and hospitals to businesses with office buildings and industrial facilities.

Our pressure washing services combine pressurized water and detergent to provide superior scrubbing power, without damaging surfaces. We utilize this service to clean trash chutes in commercial, industrial, and residential facilities.

Don’t let your trash chute become a source of odors, illness, and infestation. To schedule a trash chute cleaning or to learn more about our services, contact us today.