Interior Maintenance Company has been helping commercial facilities in the Mid-Atlantic Region keep their spaces safe, healthy and clean since 1973. Our unique combination of experience and excellence ensures that your facility is pristinely maintained and free from hazards or environmental concerns. We provide high-quality hood cleaning, air duct cleaning and combustible dust cleaning services throughout the region, all geared toward maintaining a safe environment for employees and customers.

Industries We Serve

We provide contract cleaning services for various industries, including

  • Schools: From elementary schools to universities, we are committed to helping schools maintain clean and welcoming environments for students and staff alike. Air duct cleaning is essential in schools to provide a healthy indoor environment for students.
  • Hospitals, Health Care & Nursing Homes: Maintaining indoor air quality standards for health care environments is the primary goal for maintenance and facility directors.  Air Duct cleaning, kitchen hood and equipment cleaning, and dryer exhaust system cleaning not only provide for a healthy indoor environment, but also reduce fire hazards.
  • Offices: Our air duct cleaning allows offices to have better indoor air quality to prevent business disruptions. We know how important it is for office spaces to be clean and tidy, so we work hard to deliver superior results each time we visit a site.
  • Food & Beverage: Kitchen equipment and hood cleaning is among our most popular service requests. We can help ensure that your kitchen is sanitary, spotless, and well-maintained. Hood cleaning in restaurants is imperative for food safety and fire prevention. 
  • Industrial Facilities: We provide high ceiling and combustible dust cleaning services for various facilities, including production facilities, chemical plants and manufacturing sites. 

Specialized Cleaning Services Protect Patrons and Equipment

The cleaning services we provide at IMC maintain your facility to perfection. One important task we do here is commercial air duct cleaning. We have experience cleaning commercial HVAC systems in large buildings and use state-of-the-art technology for detailed and reliable results. Another common yet often unnoticed need is combustible dust cleaning. The right equipment and training are essential to keeping these areas safe and protecting your investment.

We also serve many clients who rely on us to clean kitchen equipment and hoods. Food safety and sanitation are critical for our businesses, so we use professional techniques to clean every surface thoroughly. Our team also knows how expensive kitchen equipment can be, and we take great care to prevent damage and extend the lifespan of all your machinery.

Nearly all of our clients benefit from our janitorial and disinfection services. We use non-abrasive, mild chemicals and  trained staff to clean high touch areas. These services provide peace of mind for you and your employees while helping create a healthy and welcoming work environment.

Finally, commercial pressure washing is ideal for making a first impression on your customers. We use customized water and pressure combinations to safely clean exterior surfaces without causing damage. Whether you’re looking to get rid of graffiti or just bring back the original luster to your building, our experts can help.

Find Out More About Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Through a combination of professional techniques and the latest cleaning technology, IMC is here to help you keep your facility clean and safe. Our team wants to deliver exceptional results for every client, no matter their industry. If you’re searching for superior commercial cleaning services, look no further than IMC.