Combustible Dust Cleaning

In manufacturing and production facilities, a key concern for industry professionals is particulate debris and dust accumulation in high surface and ceiling areas.

These compounds can cause damage to sensitive equipment and systems, resulting in the need for costly repairs and replacement.

Additionally, the presence and accumulation of combustible dust add the risk of fire or explosion, both of which can cause significant damage to equipment and injury to employees. Implementing a regular cleaning schedule can minimize these risks.

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Hitech Cleaning

Interior Maintenance Company (IMC) has extensive experience in providing combustible dust and high surface cleaning for manufacturing and production facilities throughout the United States. For most cleaning requests, there is a 10,000 square foot minimum requirement.

Combustible dust cleaning operations typically involve the use of HEPA-filtered, explosion-proof vacuums and non-spark tools to safely remove loose particulate debris and dust from high ceiling surfaces. Utilizing high reach mechanized equipment, ladders, and scaffolding, IMC technicians are trained to perform the work in compliance with OSHA standards, including using proper fall protection equipment.

IMC has been family owned since 1973, offering big company solutions with small company service. For more information about OSHA compliance and other high surface cleaning solutions, please contact us. We offer free estimates!