10 Reasons You Should Clean Your Air Handling Unit Every Year

The commercial air handling unit is the core component of your heating and air conditioning system, and serves the function of processing air so fresh, clean air circulates in your commercial space. This air filtering and pumping function also affects the duct system as a whole.

When it’s properly cleaned, air fills the commercial facility, breathing is easier and asthma triggers are lessened. However, when the air-handling unit is dirty and clogged, it becomes a source of allergens and odors that are unpleasant and unhealthy for your office facility. If you are uncertain about why you should clean your air-handling unit annually, here are ten reasons why this is important:

Good quality air is a healthy benefit that commercial space occupants can benefit from when they experience a clean air-handling unit. They breathe in crisp, fresh air throughout the commercial space when the air filtering source is clean and treated at the source of the air duct system through the air handling unit.

Allergens can arise with the presence of unfiltered pollutants that are backed up in the air duct system in commercial spaces. This may trigger asthma symptoms in those who suffer with the condition. These potential triggers could negatively affect the respiratory system over time.

Odors in confined commercial spaces from mold, kitchen exhaust, bathroom exhaust, manufacturing processes, etc. can make the space unpleasant for occupants. With a clean air duct system and air handling unit in place, these unpleasant smells can be pulled out of the space and replaced with clean, filtered air.

Save energy with an air duct system and a clean air handling system.
NADCA estimates about 25% – 40% of energy is wasted when air ducts are dirty or clogged. When the system is clogged up with dust and irritants, the duct system cannot work as efficiently as it should.

Mold and other microbiological irritants can grow in an unclean commercial air handling unit and potentially harm employees or inhabitants of commercial buildings when these irritants are not removed.

Commercial food preparation produces strong smells that must go through the proper air duct circulation process so the food odors don’t overwhelm the commercial space and adversely affect employees and building inhabitants.

Temperature is controlled by the air-handling unit, producing hot or cold air. Unclean or clogged units can cause the air to circulate throughout the space at the undesired temperature.

Debris and unclean air handlingsystems can not only cause the system not to work well, but can damage some parts of the HVAC system.

Clogged ducts can limit the airflow movement and functioning of the air duct system. A clean air handling system can help the system operate, as it should.

Cost efficiency is an important aspect of air handling units that are cleaned and maintained for optimal effectiveness.

These are ten good reasons why you should keep your commercial air handling system clean every year. Contact us to learn more about our commercial duct cleaning services.

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