Industrial air conditioning systems

Heating and cooling systems need to work at their maximum effectiveness in order to do the job they are expected to do.

Your business environment impacts air ducts. Restaurant smoke, animal dander, water contamination, dust particles, and chemicals are things that can all lead to dusty and dirty air ducts.

If your ventilation systems need to be cleaned, then your customers or employees who suffer with breathing conditions such as asthma will be far more susceptible to environmental respiratory triggers and health conditions.

Triggering allergies and other respiratory conditions can cause a loss of business or an increase in employee sick days.

Here are five reasons your commercial air ducts get dirty.

1. Unwanted smoky residue– Think of your commercial HVAC system as the “lungs of your office.” The system “breathes” air in and out.
Air can become saturated with lingering smoke and grease deposits. Operations with commercial kitchens on the premise are prime suspects for this type of air quality contamination.

Animals- Animal dander can also contribute to dirty air duct buildup. Commercial operations with animals often encounter these problems.
Animal research labs, animal shelters, and veterinarian hospitals are the usual suspects for this type of contamination.

Treating poor air quality due to residual animal elements can help employees who suffer with allergies to breathe and function easier.

1. The water-mold factor- When commercial buildings get hit with water damage from leaks or broken pipes, excessive moisture can settle into air ducts. Humid air coming into the building from the outside can also be a problem.
Moisture in the HVAC sets the stage for mold to grow.

If your employees, building tenants, or customers report anything that looks or sounds like it can be mold give us a call. We can come out and inspect or consult with you over the phone.

1. Dust- Building construction, office remodeling, and even a simple thing like laying new office carpet are enough to stir up dust particles that have to go somewhere. Unfortunately they typically end up in the ventilation system.
If you’re running an education facility ever wonder where the chalk dust goes when kids clap together the erasers?

1. Chemical irritants-Chemicals used in commercial spaces can cause air ducts to get dirty and possibly contribute to poor air quality in your facility. To safeguard your workers and customers, make sure chemicals are stored in appropriately ventilated areas.
If you notice your employees complaining of throat irritation, tightness of the chest, or allergy-like symptoms, you may have a sick building on your hands.

If you suspect that your ducts may be dirty due to smoke, animals, moisture, dust or chemicals consider getting them cleaned.

A good cleaning can help those with respiratory ailments to have some relief from breathing challenges, and give facilities improved energy efficiency.

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