6 Neglected Surfaces Philadelphia Restaurants Need To Keep Clean

6 Neglected Surfaces Philadelphia Restaurants Need To Keep Clean
When choosing a place to dine out, restaurant patrons look for a clean venue with good food and fine service. A 2012 Technomic poll of 38,000 consumers revealed that cleanliness was the 2ndmost important factor when choosing a restaurant. Neglected restaurant surfaces will surely turn customers away, so the best way to attract and retain customers in your local restaurant is to keep them clean and sanitized for a safe, healthy working and dining experience for everyone.

The Entrance Area
First impressions m`atter. When prospective and returning customers enter your Philadelphia restaurant, they expect the floors, walls and counter surfaces to be clean, attractive and inviting so they have a good reason to choose to dine with you as opposed to someone else.

Dining Area Surfaces
When you go to a dining area that has a table set with place settings and condiments, you expect the seating area to be ready to use. Unclean tables and seats are a turn off to your customers that may potentially diminish their dining experience. Regular and prompt attention to dining area cleaning will keep surfaces safe, sanitized and customer-ready at all times.

Toppling Trash Containers
In fast food restaurants or casual dining establishments, there can sometimes be a “trash flow” problem. In the hustle and bustle of peak hours, eateries can sometimes forget to keep the trash container area monitored, emptied and sanitized, throughout the day to keep odors and garbage piles at a minimum. The area in and around the trash container needs to be dealt with quickly to keep your establishment looking presentable.

Cooking Areas
If you ever took a peek into the kitchen of your local Philadelphia eatery and quickly lost your appetite, let this be a good reason to keep your cooking equipment, kitchen appliances, and countertops up to code with safe food preparation standards and procedures. Dirty kitchen surfaces that are not properly dealt with is both unsightly and a potential food safety issue.

Dirty Floors
When customers see dirty floors in restaurants, they may wonder if the food is safe to eat. Patrons may think twice about choosing your establishment when they walk around on sticky floor surfaces throughout the restaurant. When the Cintas Corporation surveyed close to 2100 adults in 2015, most said they wouldn’t go back to a restaurant if there was a problem with the facilities. Restaurant managers should ensure their floor surfaces are clean so their customers can have a healthy, pleasant time dining out.

Unsanitary restroom areas, such as countertops, sinks and toilets will never do in keeping restaurant patrons in the door. If it isn’t clean, people will be apprehensive about using it. Surfaces must be fully treated with proper sanitization products to guard against food contamination and disease outbreaks.

Since cleanliness is high on the list of things patrons look for most in restaurants, managers should keep these six neglected surfaces top-of-mind to help their guests have an optimal dining experience at Philadelphia restaurants.

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