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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has announced updated safety standards for Combustible Dust

Most people are surprised by the fact that wood dust can ignite.  Combustible dust is defined as any solid material composed of distinct particles, regardless of size, shape, or chemical composition, which presents a fire or deflagration hazard when suspended in air or some other oxidizing medium over a range of concentrations.

Recently, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has announced updated safety standards to provide safety measures for workers in this industry.   NFPA 652 is the Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust.  The objective is to have manufacturers evaluate the potential of fire from combustible dust.  Manufacturers who work with wood will be required to evaluate their “Dust Hazard Analysis” (DHA) and are responsible for a DHA of their facilities.   The goal is to eliminate the risk of injury or death from a combustible dust explosion. The Woodworking Network has created a comprehensive article on the details of  the new NFPA 652 standard and how to meet its requirements: Are you ready for the new wood dust requirements?  Thank you to them for sharing this important information.

The deadline for the DHA is Sept. 7, 2020 so please act now!  We can evaluate your risk and remove combustible dust at your facility.  Please contact us for more information, call Toll Free, 1-800-220-6547 or visit our website


Interior Maintenance Company Launches Its New Website

Interior Maintenance Company, Inc., located in Lansdowne, PA, has launched a new website

Our goal was to create a fresh look, as well as create more comprehensive information regarding our capabilities, including Air Duct Cleaning, Combustible Dust High Cleaning, Kitchen Hood & Equipment Cleaning, and Janitorial Maintenance & Disinfection Services.  You can see customer testimonials, contact information, before & after photos of our work, and get easy access to our certifications with NADCA and IKECA

We wanted to make sure our new website is secured for our new & existing customers to send us requests for information or email with confidence.  Best of all we plan to share important updates regularly to keep us connected.  We will continue to add information about our services and update our blog/news so please check back regularly! 

Interior Maintenance has Capacity for Disinfection Services

Interior Maintenance has Capacity for Disinfection Services

Janitorial Maintenance

Interior Maintenance Company, located in Lansdowne, PA, has been providing cleaning and disinfection services for nearly 50 years. We provide cleaning services for office buildings, retail, schools, hospitals, government institutions, manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens.  While we continue to work with new and existing customers to keep their businesses clean and germ-free, we have had an increase in requests for Disinfection due to the Covid-19 Virus.   We have capacity to help you meet these requirements.

Our services include cleaning followed by disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.  This includes but is not limited to door handles/knobs, handrails, metal chairs, tables, desks/workstations, counter tops, food carts, cash registers and other non-porous surfaces.

To see our full capabilities for Janitorial and Disinfectant Services please click here.

About Interior Maintenance Company:

Founded in 1973, our family run business continues to service customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our relationship with customers over the years has created opportunity to provide not just cleaning service, but solutions to problems.   In addition to Janitorial Maintenance and Specialty Cleaning Services, Interior Maintenance provides Air Duct Cleaning, Kitchen Hood Exhaust and Kitchen Equipment Cleaning.  Please call 610-626-1300 or visit our website for more information.


Best Fire Safety Practices for Philadelphia Restaurants

Chef is stirring vegetables

The safety factor is an all-important reality local food eateries can’t afford to ignore, if they want customers to have a safe, healthy dining experience time and time again.

Some customers frequent restaurants for years, regularly meeting with family and friends to enjoy great food and fun. In recent months, a very popular Philadelphia restaurant Bridget Foy’s went up in smoke, leaving three firefighters hurt, a pile of rubble, and faithful patrons with only cherished memories of their time there.

Other Philadelphia restaurants can guard against a similar tragedy by implementing fire safety practices in their establishments.

Kitchen Safety Checklist
Following recent local fires and in preparation for last year’s Center City Restaurant Week, The Philadelphia Fire Department issued kitchen safety checklists to restaurants to make sure their cooking practices, facility, and equipment were in keeping with best safe practices for both staff and patrons.

Startling statistics from the U.S. Fire Administration revealed there are more than 5,500 restaurant fires annually, primarily caused by cooking. Local eateries can keep Philly stats low or nonexistent when they rigorously adhere to fire safety checks to protect their people and property, in that order.

ServeSafe Kitchen Training
Fire safety starts with the restaurant owner’s commitment to keeping all staff and patrons safe from fire hazards. This vital step gives restaurant employees the confidence and resources to prepare food in a fast-paced, often confined and flammable environment.

ServeSafe certification is an established best practice training that many restaurants use to teach their workers about both fire and food safety. For instance, above all else, all employees should know how and when to use a fire extinguisher. Also, restaurant staff needs to be trained on how to properly use cooking equipment, and avoid using damaged electrical equipment to avoid electrocution, stove or oven fires.

Fire safety training is a preventative measure that no Philadelphia dining establishment can afford to do without.

Everyday Restaurant Fire Safety Tips
In addition to safe cooking equipment and training, local restaurants can maximize their fire safety efforts by practicing a few key safety tips in their kitchens and overall facilities:

1. Make sure you’re equipped to smolder grease fires. Never use water.
Just remove the pan from heat and cover it with a metal pan lid.

1. Have several ways to extinguish and escape fires. Have fire extinguishers available throughout your restaurant so staff and patrons do not have to waste precious “life or death” minutes searching for one to put out the flames. In addition, have clear, visible exit signs that are easily seen to help restaurant goers get to safety—fast.
2. Have a plan. Create and post a fire evacuation plan that is easily seen by all restaurant goers and workers so they know where to go in case of emergency. These vivid, clear instructions can save their life.
Philadelphia restaurants are often signature venues in our wonderful “city of neighborhoods.” Kitchen fire safety, equipment training, fire escape and extinguisher practices can help keep your staff and patrons healthy, and your doors open for the long haul.

Restaurant fire safety best practices can help save lives—and restaurants like yours.