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5 Tips to Keep Restaurant Surfaces Clean
As with all client-facing business, the ultimate customer service goal is to provide safe, thorough and pleasant service for your customers so they will want to come back again and again. This is certainly true of restaurants as they seek to maximize their dining patrons’ experience with safe, clean, tasty, pleasantly-served food that creates a memorable and potentially repeatable customer experience.

A major component of restaurant customer care is maintaining clean surfaces where food is prepared and customers eat and convene. Dirty surfaces are not only a dining patron turnoff, but can lead to harmful contaminants that can sicken your customers and restaurant workers. Here are five tips to keep restaurant surfaces safe and sanitized for customers and workers at all times:

Tip 1: Frequent and thorough hand washing-In order to keep surfaces clean, food handlers must first keep their hands sanitized through careful handwashing. The Food and Safety industry recommends washing your hands under running water for about 20 seconds to avoid the spread of contaminants and germs from one worker to another as well as patrons. This very simple, yet sometimes overlooked practice can head germs and contaminants off at the pass.

Tip 2: Clean cooking and food prep utensils and equipment during each shift-To avoid the possibility of cross-contamination when preparing raw meat and fresh vegetables, avoid mixing raw and cooked food cutting boards and cutlery by washing them right away with hot, soapy water to avoid a restaurant germ outbreak that could make customers sick.

Tip 3: Sanitize as you go-Every day, food servers have the arduous task of balancing food preparation while keeping restaurant work areas safe and sanitized at all times. Clean all surfaces after each kitchen task with an antibacterial cleaning solution to minimize the spread of contaminants and germs. Some restaurants use checklists in their kitchen area to remind all workers to clean their surfaces and give step-by step instructions for each kitchen cleaning station.

Tip 4: Wear your hat and gloves-Just like you need hats and gloves to keep your hands safe and warm during frigid weather, you can maximize kitchen safety and handling with hair coverings and plastic gloves. These food service items will protect you from accidentally getting your hair in the food, or spreading cold or virus germs when using bare hands.

Tip 5: Clear and clean dining areas constantly throughout the day-When restaurant customers are done with their dining experience, clear and clean their eating surface right away with a handy sanitizing spray, clean rag and ready hands to clear away dirty dishes.

When restaurant surfaces are clean and presentable, everyone wins. Customers feel safe and comfortable throughout their dining experience, and workers feel confident they are cooking and preparing food in a healthy environment that is customer and employee- friendly.

These restaurant surface cleaning tips are not an exhaustive list, but can give your dining establishment improved cleaning best practices so your patrons can enjoy a well-sanitized, safe and comfortable eatery with their family and friends—every time.

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