Interior Maintenance has Capacity for Disinfection Services

Janitorial Maintenance

Interior Maintenance Company, located in Lansdowne, PA, has been providing cleaning and disinfection services for nearly 50 years. We provide cleaning services for office buildings, retail, schools, hospitals, government institutions, manufacturing facilities and commercial kitchens.  While we continue to work with new and existing customers to keep their businesses clean and germ-free, we have had an increase in requests for Disinfection due to the Covid-19 Virus.   We have capacity to help you meet these requirements.

Our services include cleaning followed by disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.  This includes but is not limited to door handles/knobs, handrails, metal chairs, tables, desks/workstations, counter tops, food carts, cash registers and other non-porous surfaces.

To see our full capabilities for Janitorial and Disinfectant Services please click here.

About Interior Maintenance Company:

Founded in 1973, our family run business continues to service customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Our relationship with customers over the years has created opportunity to provide not just cleaning service, but solutions to problems.   In addition to Janitorial Maintenance and Specialty Cleaning Services, Interior Maintenance provides Air Duct Cleaning, Kitchen Hood Exhaust and Kitchen Equipment Cleaning.  Please call 610-626-1300 or visit our website for more information.


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