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Top 5 Things Philadelphia Restaurants Can Do To Prevent Fires

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Philadelphia is a vibrant city with a plethora of restaurants to choose from, featuring everything from Thai food to vegan delicacies. In several Philadelphia neighborhoods, many restaurants even provide casual sidewalk dining for a fun-filled, outdoor dining experience with friends and family. The joys of eating out can be quickly turned to sorrow with imminent […]

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Ten Things We Bet You Didn’t Know Could Explode

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Did you ever hear the expression: “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?” This old expression might sound good, but isn’t quite true. The fact is: a small amount of manufacturing plant dust covering only 5% of a plant facility can explode if suspended in the air under the right conditions. Combustible dust can cause […]

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5 Tips to Keep Restaurant Surfaces Clean

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5 Tips to Keep Restaurant Surfaces Clean As with all client-facing business, the ultimate customer service goal is to provide safe, thorough and pleasant service for your customers so they will want to come back again and again. This is certainly true of restaurants as they seek to maximize their dining patrons’ experience with safe, […]

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5 Reasons Commercial Air Ducts Get Dirty

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Heating and cooling systems need to work at their maximum effectiveness in order to do the job they are expected to do. Your business environment impacts air ducts. Restaurant smoke, animal dander, water contamination, dust particles, and chemicals are things that can all lead to dusty and dirty air ducts. If your ventilation systems need […]

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Best Fire Safety Practices for Philadelphia Restaurants

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The safety factor is an all-important reality local food eateries can’t afford to ignore, if they want customers to have a safe, healthy dining experience time and time again. Some customers frequent restaurants for years, regularly meeting with family and friends to enjoy great food and fun. In recent months, a very popular Philadelphia restaurant […]